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About us

About Us?

Do you want to know about us and what we are working to achieve?

Quality & Patient Safety?

Our focus on Quality assures that we are continually improving our processes in an effort to achieve this vision. Using a team approach we tap into the know-how of our expert medical staff and employees to improve the quality and safety of the care we provide.

Our Quality Model provides the basis for understanding patient needs, measuring and using data, and achieving real improvement. Improving continuously is our goal. To do this we encourage each member of our team to find ways to do their work better and to make patient safety a priority.

Our Culture?

As part of our culture and mission, we work together to support our organization’s strategic direction, solve problems, accomplish tasks and sustain ourselves financially.

Our Drive for Collaboration

Collaboration and teamwork are critical to our success. We, Ultimate Specialist Hospital, work together to support our organization’s strategic direction, to solve problems, to accomplish tasks and to sustain ourselves financially.

We consider patients and families valued partners in the diagnosis, treatment and care of ill children, the creation of new knowledge, and training of future leaders in health care.

Our Commitment to Excellence & Respect?

We approach our work with a positive attitude and professional manner. Taking responsibility to get the job done and holding ourselves—and each other—accountable is a vital part of “who we are.” We respond promptly to situations with honesty and integrity. We not only follow best practices and standards of care, we redefine them by looking for ways to increase efficiency and innovation while always keeping patient safety first.

Our work is too important to be slowed down by gossip, negativity, bullying or avoiding responsibility. These types of behaviors have no place in our organization. We respect and celebrate different perspectives, lifestyles, cultures, ethnicities and religions of our colleagues, patients and families. We treat others as we hope to be treated ourselves.

Vision, Mission & Values

Promote clinical excellence in patient care and professional nursing practice through the encouragement, promotion and su pport of professional development and engagement.

To treat patients and victims with Ultra-Modern Technology

Provide general and specialized curative health care services to poor and marginalized people through the private hospital

Establish general health service centre and establish a referral system to urban hospitals for further treatment